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PO BOX 1348 HOOPA CA 95546
Hoopa Tribal Museum

The Hoopa Tribal Museum is located in the center of the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation in Northern California. The museum is a non-profit entity of the Hoopa Valley Tribe, created to preserve and share the rich culture and history of the native people of the area. The Hoopa Tribal Museum displays one of the finest collections of Hupa, Yurok, and Karuk artifacts in Northern California.

• Salish Jackson (Tribal Member and Hupa speaker at the Hoopa Tribal Museum)
• When walking through the Hoopa Museum, scan the Xoji-Ky'a display with a QR reader on your iPhone or Android. And listen to the display name pronounced in our Hupa language. Related information is displayed as well.

Our collection includes a fine display of local Indian basketry, ceremonial regalia, redwood dugout canoes, and tools and implements used by the Hupa, Yurok and Karuk tribes. The Hoopa Tribal Museum is a “Living Museum”. Most of the artifacts on display are on loan to the museum by members of the local native community and are removed annually to be used in the traditional tribal ceremonies. In respect, the Hoopa Tribal Museum displays artifacts of a living culture carried on by the local native peoples who continue to preserve their culture by teaching the youth, the language, as well as their songs and dances on a regular basis. Also on display is the history of the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, of Fort Gaston, and many artifacts of the early settlers who came to the area in search of new beginnings.

Hoopa Tribal Museum
The Hoopa Tribal Museum houses a sizable collection of local basketry.