​Due to the power outages throughout the valley, we attached the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s operations and hours for February 11th, 2019:

– The Hoopa Tribal Offices and NF shall be open during regular hours until 5 pm, thus if anyone would like to warm up or charge some small devices in available outlets: they are welcome to stop by the NF.

– The PG&E crews working at the Hoopa substation are aiming to have the generators working and operational before 4 pm today–ideally sooner.

– Tribal Departments are making efforts to check on elders and critical members of the Hoopa population.

– Limited amounts of Firewood is available for people who need it; please call the Hoopa Fire Department for more information at 530-625-4366.

– Tribal Departments are making preparations in any area possible for the upcoming snow storm this week.

– Tribal Departments with generators and heat will be open today until 5 pm unless otherwise notified.

– As of right now, Early Headstart and Headstart should resume tomorrow morning at regular hours.

– Helicopters are currently flying over areas near and on the Hoopa Valley Reservation to survey any downed power lines.

– Bair Road should be open before the end of today.

– Expect delays between Hoopa and Willow Creek due to crews cleaning debris and clearing trees off of the road.

– Lastly, due to some power lines in Hoopa being more damaged than others, some Hoopa residents may have their power restored before others.

We appreciate any sharing of this information to help pass it around, and we hope everyone stays safe out there!​​

Note: any information provided here is subject to change based upon weather or other conditions.