Tribal Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

What is Tribal TANF?

Temporary Assistance for Needy FamiliesThe Tribal TANF Program is designed to assist Native American families to become self-sufficient and develop employment opportunities on the Hoopa Valley Reservation. Native American families living on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, who currently receive assistance from Humboldt County Social Service Branch, if eligible, can voluntarily transfer their services to the Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF Program. Likewise, Native American families moving to the Hoopa valley reservation can transfer their County or Tribal TANF case to HVTTP.

Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF Program

Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF Program (HVTTP) may provide supportive services under purposes 3 & 4 that are: 1) Prevention for Out of Wedlock Pregnancies, and 2) Encouraging the Formation and Maintenance of Two Parent Families to both eligible needy TANF program participants and eligible non-needy TANF program participants through TANF Projects or TANF Partnership Projects. All projects should have a measurable impact on improving the Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF program’s effort to increase access to support services to TANF sufficiency. The following is a list of potential types of projects that fall under purposes 3 & 4:

  1. Culturally relevant supportive services and activities which increase self-sufficiency by strengthening community involvement and support, fostering knowledge of culturally traditional family formation, building of social support networks or potential employment networks and increasing utilization of native community resources
  2. Teen pregnancy prevention and education
  3. Parenting skills classes and activities
  4. Youth prevention services and activities to HVTTP participant youth and at risk youth (as established by the eligibility criteria described in the HVTTP policies and procedures). These activities and services will include vocational and education development, mentoring, tutoring, and other services designed to reduce the need for government based assistance and to accomplish objectives under TANF purposes 3 and 4.