Roads Aggregate and Ready-Mix

Hoopa Roads Office
531 Campbell Field Lane
Hoopa, CA 95546
Phone: (530) 625-4017
Fax: (530) 625-4021

104 Campus Road
Hoopa, CA 95546
Phone: (530) 625-4782

Friday Ridge Road, Hwy 299
Salyer, CA 95563
Phone: (530) 629-3739

Phone: (530) 625-4017
Operations: Monday-Friday (On Occasions: Weekends)
Loading time: 7:00am-3:00pm
Office Hours: 8am-5pm

i. Ordering

  • If you would like to establish an account, please fill out a credit application
  • All orders must be placed with the office
  • Provide correct and complete delivery directions (if possible mile marker)
  • Provide an onsite contact first name, last name, and phone number for communication
  • Customer is responsible for providing pump when ordering cement
  • Please advise us if concrete will be pumped or tailgated
  • We schedule in a way that best utilizes our resources

ii. Order Size/Charges

12-14 Tons- 10-Wheeler- Truck Time $105.00 per hour (1-hour minimum)
22 Tons- Transfer- Truck Time $115.00 per hour (1-hour minimum)
20 Tons- End Dump- Truck Time $115.00 per hour (1-hour minimum)
Lowbed- Truck Time $120.00 per hour (1-hour minimum)
**Aggregate prices are based upon tonnage not yardage**

Approximately 1 1/2tons= 1 Aggregate yard
Calculation: (Tonnage) X (Price per ton) + Truck time


  • Minimum order size is 1 yard
  • Customer is allowed 15 minutes set up time and 5 minutes per yard
  • Anything exceeding that time is billable Truck time: $100/hr.
  • Short load fee varies on location

iii.            Overtime

  • Overtime charges apply after 3:30pm on weekdays and time accumulated on weekends
  • Overtime is an additional $20/yard

Roads Aggregate Ready-Mix Credit Application

Aggregate Price Sheet

Ready Mix Price Sheet – Coming soon.

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