Photo Credit: Cal Ore River Racers Website

We would like to wish local Hoopa Tribal Member, Roger Sanderson, our sincerest congratulations for winning first place at the 2019 Boatnik Tom Rice Memorial Whitewater Hydroplane Race this Memorial Day weekend–which marks his fourth consecutive first place victory in this race (and his eighth overall first place victory in Boatnik). On the CalOre River Racers Website, Sanderson was quoted saying:

“I love to compete, I love to win, I don’t like to be second. It’s the first loser. And, like my buddy former  Champion Tim Nowlin (1987 Boatnik & Series Champion) says, ‘if you race hard and take care of your business, it just happens.'”

When possible and practical, we love to recognize and share articles on Hoopa residents and Hoopa Tribal Members accomplishing victories in competitions or other events. By acknowledging these people and groups, we aim to help foster pride in our community’s accomplishments and encourage people to stay persistent with their goals. Plus, we feel that it’s a huge morale booster when reading about people we know obtaining a win.

For additional information regarding the outcome of the 2019 Boatnik Tom Rice Memorial Whitewater Hydroplane Race or information on upcoming boat races, please check out the Cal-Ore River Racers website:

Lastly, we are currently writing a short Facebook post recognizing another community victory; thus, keep an eye out for it this week!