Hoopa Valley Tribal Council

Below, you can find the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council, the elected body of officials who are sworn to promote and protect the best interests of the Hoopa Valley Tribe-- per our constitution and bylaws. If you would like to reach out to them, below each of the Councilmembers' names are their office extensions.

Councilmember Joe Davis

Hoopa Valley Tribe

Chairman: Joe Davis
Administrative Officer's Office Phone: (530) 625‑4211 Ext. 160

Councilmember Isaac Bussell

Agency Field District

Councilmember: Isaac Bussell
Office Phone: (530) 625‑4211 Ext. 397

Darcy Miller

Bald Hill District

Councilmember: Darcy A. Baldy-Miller
Office Phone: (530) 625‑4211 Ext. 398

Councilmember Everett Colegrove

Campbell Field District

Vice Chairman: Everett H. Colegrove, Jr.
Office Phone: (530) 625‑4211 Ext. 105

Councilmember Leonard Masten

Hostler-Matilton District

Councilmember: Leonard Masten
Office Phone: (530) 625‑4211 Ext. 396

Photo coming soon

Mesket Field District

Councilmember: Jordan Hailey
Office Phone: (530) 625‑4211 Ext. 104

A headshot of Councilmember Jill Sherman-Warne

Norton Field District

Councilmember: Jill Sherman-Warne
Office Phone: (530) 625‑4211 Ext. 394

Councilmember Buck McCovey

Soctish-Chenone District

Councilmember: Buck McCovey
Office Phone: (530) 625‑4211 Ext. 395

About Hoopa Valley Tribe

We, the Hoopa Valley Tribe, are a Tribal Government dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests of the Hoopa Valley Indians, and cooperating and collaborating with Federal, State, and local Governments.


Hoopa Valley Tribe

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Phone: 530-625-4211

Fax: (530) 625-4594

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