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On this webpage, you can view what current job openings exist in the Hoopa Valley Tribe, and any requirements needed or encouraged before applying. To apply for a job position, please review the details of the job listing, download and fill out a Job Application, and drop it off by the Hoopa Valley Tribal Human Resources Department.

Be Advised: certain jobs may require you to submit other forms besides the Job Application, thus please complete the Job Application and return it as soon as possible.


+ Job/Employment Application

To anyone interested, feel free to follow the link below to check out current jobs offered at the K'ima:w Medical Center.

+ K'ima:w Medical Center Jobs

We also have a link to the 2020 Census Jobs available below. If you have any questions or want help applying, please feel free to call 1-855-562-2020.

+ 2020 Census Job Opportunities 


    Complete job descriptions and applications are available at the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s Personnel Department.



    All positions listed here are classified as "Safety-sensitive" and require adherence to the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s Alcohol and Drug Policy which includes pre-employment, random and just-cause alcohol and drug testing.



    The Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) Ordinance Indian Preference requirements also apply to these jobs and preference will be given to qualified Native American applicants under section 7(b) of Public Law 93-638.



    - Mail at Hoopa Valley Tribe, Human Resources Dept., P.O. Box 218, Hoopa, CA 95546
    - Phone at (530) 625-9200
    - E-mail at hr2@hoopainsurance.com
    - FAX at (530) 625-4269

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