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He:yung! Thank you for stopping by the official website for the Hoopa Valley Tribal Government. On this website, you can find Tribal Forms, Job Opportunities, Tribal News, Tribal Department descriptions and contact numbers, and many other Tribal related information. If you have any general questions or suggestions about how we could improve the website, please give us a call at 530-625-4211 during business hours.

Lastly, check out our Hoopa Tribal Overview Video below, with special emphasis on Fisheries and culture.

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Hoopa Tribal Snapshot News

Within this section, we provide a brief look at recent Tribal News--gathered and uploaded by our Public Relations resources. If you want to read more about one of the stories below, click on the post and the article will load.

Available Tribal Jobs!

We periodically update the Hoopa Valley Tribal Jobs webpage with most available jobs every week. Additionally, we recently added a link on the Tribal Jobs webpage that leads straight to the available K’ima:w Medical Center jobs. Therefore, if you would like to check out the currently open positions, follow this link to our website: Once more,…
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HVT Police Training

Motivated by goals to help our officers remain up-to-date on police procedures and gain additional skills, we are making preparations to send some of our officers to training in the coming Fall season. These pieces of training include crisis topics like Mental Illness Signs and Symptoms, Emotional Survival, Communication, Working with Minors, Suicide Prevention, and…
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This Week’s Tentative Schedule: 05/20/2019 – 05/24/2019

This Week’s Tentative Weekly Schedule for the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council: 05/20/2019 – 05/24/2019
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Hoopa Elementary Students Visit Hoopa Fire Department

The Hoopa Fire Department would like to extend their gratitude towards the Hoopa Elementary School classes that stopped by the Hoopa Fire Department building during last week’s Fish Fair. It was highly encouraging to see many youths excited to learn more about firefighters and check out a bunch of the equipment the Hoopa Fire Department…
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This Week’s Tentative Schedule: 05/13/2019 – 05/17/2019

This Week’s Tentative Weekly Schedule for the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council: 05/13/2019 – 05/17/2019
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Hoopa Tribal Election Voter Registration Deadline

Briefly, be advised that the final day to register to vote in the current Hoopa Valley Tribal Election is this Monday, May 13th, 2019 by 5 pm. Additionally, sample ballots are mailed out and should arrive in Tribal Members’ mailboxes soon; thus, please ensure that your address is up-to-date. The Hoopa Valley Tribal General Election…
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We, the Hoopa Valley Tribe, are a Tribal Government dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests of the Hoopa Valley Indians, and cooperating and collaborating with Federal, State, and local Governments.


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