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He:yung! Thank you for stopping by the official website for the Hoopa Valley Tribal Government. On this website, you can find Tribal Forms, Job Opportunities, Tribal News, Tribal Department descriptions and contact numbers, and many other Tribal related information. If you have any general questions or suggestions about how we could improve the website, please give us a call at 530-625-4211 during business hours.

Lastly, check out our Hoopa Tribal Overview Video below, with special emphasis on Fisheries and culture.

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Hoopa Tribal Snapshot News

Within this section, we provide a brief look at recent Tribal News--gathered and uploaded by our Public Relations resources. If you want to read more about one of the stories below, click on the post and the article will load.

Hoopa Shopping Center Update, January 2019

Concerning recent developments, a vast majority of the managerial positions have been filled; we are beginning the interview process for the remaining key positions, such as maintenance and security, this week. As for construction-related progress, all major construction is complete. Primarily, the remaining things required to open the store are installations with the shelving, minor…
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58th All Indian Committee Meeting

On this Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 at noon in the Neighborhood Facility, there will be a Committee Meeting for the upcoming All Indian Basketball Tournament in early March 2019. Everyone is welcome to attend, offer input on how to format the tournament, and potentially help with tournament setup–for those interested. The tournament generally takes a…
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HVT Educational Overview Video

The above video, filmed in early 2018, was a collaboration between the Hoopa Valley Tribe and Rob Lowe’s production team and strove to express educational information. Additionally, the video has a particular focus on Fisheries and culture related topics and does a great job in offering a concise overview of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. We…
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Hoopa Tribal Police Department Update, January 2019

Happy New Year’s to everyone, and we hope the celebrations were safe and memorable! To help bring in the New 2019 Year, we would like to give a brief update about the Police Department; a more detailed update will be administered at the upcoming Tribal General Meeting, this Saturday, January 5th, 2019 at 10 am…
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First Tribal General Meeting of 2019

To the Hoopa Valley Tribal Members, the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council and Tribal Chairman would like to welcome all of the membership to the upcoming Tribal General Meeting on January 5th, 2019 at 10 am in the Hoopa Neighborhood Facility. For those who cannot attend, the forthcoming General Meeting will be broadcast on the KIDE…
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Hoopa Grocery Store Update: Finalizing Construction and Job Opportunities

Grocery Store Construction is almost complete! We are appreciative for the amount of progress that the construction team made in these past few months. As of the end of last week, we focused efforts on finishing the flooring and interior painting, installing kitchen equipment, and finalizing the exterior walling. Also, refrigeration, checkout stands, and numerous…
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We, the Hoopa Valley Tribe, are a Tribal Government dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests of the Hoopa Valley Indians, and cooperating and collaborating with Federal, State, and local Governments.


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