A group of smiling people stand in front of a playground structure that appears to be newly-installed. A small bulldozer sits in the background.

San Mateo High School’s Interact Club, a youth organization under the Rotary Club, visited Hoopa last week bringing with them a refurbished play structure to install at Tish Tang Campground. The 10 youth each paid $100 to participate in the service trip and were accompanied by Rotary Club members from Foster City and San Mateo. The Rotary Club’s playground service project began more than 30 years ago with youth installing dismantled playgrounds and reinstalling them in Mexico. Now, they’ve extended their project to include tribal communities. They have installed two playgrounds in Weitchpec and two in Klamath in years past. And now, they have added a play structure to Tish Tang Campground. The Interact Club plans to continue working with the Hoopa Valley Tribe to install more play structures in the Hoopa community. The Hoopa Valley Tribe’s Parks and Recreation Department oversaw the project and received support from HVT Plant Management and Roads and Aggregate Departments./Photos by Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune.