Roads Aggregate and Ready-Mix

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Services & Ordering

Phone: (530) 625-4017
Operations: Monday-Friday (On Occasions: Weekends)
Loading time: 7:00am-3:00pm
Office Hours: 8am-5pm

i. Ordering

  • If you would like to establish an account, please fill out a credit application
  • All orders must be placed with the office
  • Provide correct and complete delivery directions (if possible mile marker)
  • Provide an onsite contact first name, last name, and phone number for communication
  • The customer is responsible for providing a pump when ordering cement
  • Please advise us if concrete will be pumped or tailgated
  • We schedule in a way that best utilizes our resources

ii. Order Size/Charges


+ 12-14 Tons- 10-Wheeler- Truck Time $105.00 per hour (1-hour minimum)

+ 20 Tons- End Dump- Truck Time $115.00 per hour (1-hour minimum)

+ 22 Tons- Transfer- Truck Time $115.00 per hour (1-hour minimum)

+ Lowbed- Truck Time $120.00 per hour (1-hour minimum)

**Aggregate prices are based upon tonnage not yardage**

Approximately 1 1/2tons = 1 Aggregate yard
Calculation: (Tonnage) X (Price per ton) + Truck time


  • Minimum order size is 1 yard
  • The customer is allowed 15 minutes set up time and 5 minutes per yard
  • Anything exceeding that time is billable Truck time: $100/hr.
  • Short load fee varies on location

iii. Overtime

  • Overtime charges apply after 3:30 pm on weekdays and time accumulated on weekends
  • Overtime is an additional $20/yard

Staff Directory

Ryan Smith, Director
Orico Bailey, Batch Plant Operator
Melvin Marshall Jr, Aggregate Foreman
Jay Gerstner, Foreman
Matthew Lewis, Laborer
Brian McIntosh, Mechanic
Sharon Jordan, Night Watchman
Richard Guyer, Office Clerk
Robert Masten Jr, Driver/Operator
Kevin Orcutt, Driver/Operator
Robert Masten Sr, Operator
Martin Swenson, Operator
Gary Dempewolf, Operator
Joseph Hayden, Operator
Marlla White, Payroll Clerk

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