“Recently, the Office of Self-Governance purchased a mobile butchering station. The station is currently up and running and temporarily housing a Tribal Member’s second pig that they have begun processing. By helping this Tribal Member gain access to something previously unattainable to them, we have helped that person provide a fresh local meat option to our community.

It is the Office of Self-Governance/Department of Commerce’s vision to help empower small business owners…Our building will offer a fish processing station, a meat processing station, a commercial refrigerator unit, and a commercial kitchen. We will also have a conference room for training and meetings. All available for our community to use [when the main building is complete].”

–shared from the Office of Self-Governance “Hoopa’s Sovereign Newsletter, August 2019, 1st edition.”

We much appreciate the progress that the Office of Self-Governance makes with the Hoopa Trading Post. We plan to help keep the community updated as the Office of Self-Governance makes more significant strides forward on the Hoopa Trading Post’s development.