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On this page, you can find longer-form stories that show the rich history of the Hoopa Valley Tribe.

A family sits together on the floor in a classroom. The two parents are holding open picture books to the same page, while their young child smiles and crawls nearby.

Hupa Language Leader Selected for Grant to Support the Hupa Language Nest Project

June 7, 2023

First Nations Development (First Nations) has announced the 10 outstanding Indigenous leaders selected for the 2023 Cohort of the Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellowship. Conceived and facilitated by First Nations and…

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Two smiling people hold traditional woven baby rattles.

Weaving Together

June 7, 2023

Photos by Andrea Kelley, K’ima:w Medical Center Cultural Path to Wellness. Friends Winnie Chen (left) and Vanessa Bussell (right) met when they were foreign exchange students in Japan. They joined…

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a adult and a kid are standing next to each other while holding a trash bag

Community Clean-Up

March 24, 2023

Community Clean-Up Thanks to the departments and volunteers who participated in today’s event! HR, Credit, TANF, Ameri corps, OTA, Kimaw, Tribal Police, Roads, Plant Management, TEPA, Hoopa Shopping Center, Chairman…

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girl is standing next to a creek

Bridging the Digital Divide

March 16, 2023

This summer, the mountains moved in Hoopa Valley, CA. As a wildfire burned through trees and vegetation, a thunderstorm dropped two inches of rain in one day. The result was…

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Biden Appointees Back Trump Administration’s Decision to Wipe Out $400 Million Owed by Central Valley Water Barons and Nullify Hoopa Sovereignty over its Trinity River Fishery.

March 2, 2023

The Hoopa Valley Tribe has renewed a 2020 lawsuit it had filed against the Trump Administration for financial misconduct, environmental depredation, and violation of tribal sovereignty and fishing rights in…

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A number of adults and children sit in a classroom setting. Several of the adults are holding up posters, and the children are engaged in various activities.

Babies Learn Hupa Language Through Immersion

March 2, 2023

Hupa as a First Language By Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune While some children wake up on Saturday morning to watch cartoons and relax after a longweek of school, a…

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Federal Court Denies Request to Delay Hearing on Plan to Break Fishery Restoration Agreement

January 7, 2023

Federal Court Denies Government Request to Delay Hearing on Plan to Break 22 Year-Old FisheryRestoration Agreement Slams Department of Justice for “Hiding the Ball” on Interior Department’sAttempt to Terminate Hoopa…

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A group of children are standing in front of two giant gingerbread men

Head Start Christmas

January 5, 2023

Santa, the Grinch, and two giant gingerbread men stopped for a visit at Hoopa Tribal Head Start to spread some holiday cheer and hand out presents last Wednesday before the…

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A girl plays softball in a field

HVHS Student of the Month Nalani Colegrove

November 9, 2022

Nalani Colegrove is the daughter of Toni and Kevin Colegrove and a member of the Hoopa Tribe.  She has continuously participated in CSF and is proud to be in the…

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