We would like to immensely thank the +100 people who came out to watch the 3rd Annual Guns and Hoses Competition this weekend. As with every year, we look forward to this event because we believe it has a substantial positive impact on comradery and cohesion between the Hoopa Fire Department and Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Department. Additionally, this year’s softball match was significant because it was the tiebreaker between both Tribal public safety departments. Although the Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Department fought hard and won the pregame events (meaning they were the home team), the Hoopa Fire Department won the softball match this year. Which means both of our Tribal departments will need to play extra hard in next year’s pregame events and the softball match to reclaim or maintain the Annual Guns and Hoses event trophy.

Lastly, we want to sincerely thank Team Rubicon for cooking all of the food, participating in the games, and joining us for the fun conversation & BBQ post-game. Their attendance, coupled with the Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Department and Community Members, made the 3rd Annual Guns and Hoses event all the more special. We can’t wait until both Tribal departments can come together again and play another match of softball next year!

—Hoopa Fire Department