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Hoopa Swearing-in Ceremony

We want to extend congratulations to the Hoopa Valley Tribal General Election Candidates for getting officially sworn-in on this past Friday. The recently elected Tribal Officials are:

+ Byron Nelson Jr. (Hoopa Tribal Chairman),

+ Oscar “Tyke” Billings (Agency Field District Council member),

+ Joe Davis (Soctish/Chenone District Council member),

+ Darcy A. Baldy-Miller (Bald Hill District Council member),

+ Leilani Pole (Hostler/Matilton District Council member),

+ Marla Jackson (Election Board member), and

+ Manuel Mattz (Alternate Election Board member).

We also want to thank Child Development for attending and making a wonderful poster with a bunch of the kids’ hand prints; the gesture was sweet and it made many of our days to see these kids present their congratulations.

Lastly, we appreciate the huge turnout at the swearing-in ceremony, and wish much luck to the Tribal Officials in achieving their campaign goals!