The Hoopa Valley Tribe is performing a needs assessment for all tribal members, to help identify gaps in services and guide decisions made by tribal leaders.


Gather important information from our Tribal members directly tied to critical areas of need within our community. The information collected will provide us with a database of key information we can use to:

  • Inform our Tribal leadership of current and future community needs to support decision-making
  • Support our directors in developing programs and services to meet our community’s needs
  • Support communication to our Tribal membership
  • Provide our Tribe with the necessary background about our community for grant applications and other opportunities where data is a critical evaluation factor or requirement


We are offering three prizes through a raffle in the amount of $500, $750, and $1,500 for taking and completing the needs assessment survey. The selection of winners will be done through a randomized electronic process of all participants that have provide their roll number. Enrollment will be sent the three winning roll numbers for announcement and distribution of prizes.

How to take the community needs assessment

There are two ways to take the survey: electronically or on paper.

  1. Filling out the survey electronically
    1. Go to and follow the instructions there.
    2. Responses will be automatically recorded upon completion of your survey.
  1. Filling out a paper survey
    1. Paper copies have been mailed out. You may also download a new copy, or get a new paper copy by contacting Jaclyn Robinson, the Planning Director, at:
    2. Once your survey has been filled out, you can submit it by:
      • Dropping it off at the Hoopa Valley Tribal Office reception or drop box
      • Mailing it to:
        Attention: Planning Department
        11860 State Highway 96
        PO Box 1348
        Hoopa, CA 95546
      • Scanning and emailing it to:
        • Please use the subject: Community
          Needs Assessment

Submission Deadline

The assessment will close on Friday, October 21st by 5:00pm Pacific Time. Surveys received after this date and time will not be accepted.


If you have any questions, you can contact either:

  1. Walter Gray, COO at: 530-625-4211 ext. 108
  2. Jaclyn Robinson, Planning Director at: 707-296-4577