[Photo credit: image was taken from the Humboldt Sports web page]

Many of our administrative leaders and employees were glued to this weekend’s Hoopa Valley High School (HVHS) Lady Warriors Softball results. To our excitement and delight, the HVHS Lady Warriors successfully won the Division-V NCS championship! Congratulations to each of the Lady Warrior Softball Players on this year’s team, and equally so to the coaches for their critical contributions. Lastly, many thanks to the community members and parents who came out to their games to support the team.

As Head Hoopa Valley High School Softball Coach Glenn Moore described how the softball girls’ played during the Division-V NCS Championship Game:

“We executed the small ball well, and we got some timely hits, some nice sac bunts, and sac flies. (Our players) came in ready to play. There was no nervousness; they were focused.”

“They played with heart today. They never backed down. They never got scared.”

[These quotes are taken from the Humboldt Sports Article–cited below]

It’s incredible how much support our community gives to our local sports teams. Thus, once again, we would like to thank the community for always showing up to the Hoopa Sports events to show their support.

If anyone would like to check out an excellent and concise article on this weekend’s Softball Division-V NCS Championship match, you can find it at the Humboldt Sports website: