31st Annual Sovereign Days Flyer

With this year’s 31st Sovereign Days planned for next week, we want to help distribute the flyer for the events. By doing so, community members have more opportunity to check out the Sovereign Days schedule for this year.

Benefits of Celebrations in Communities

Although it is not easy to coordinate every detail for this year’s festivities, we look forward to them every year because of the general turnout. Not to mention, holding celebrations in communities has other benefits for its people.

As reported by the University of Minnesota, community festivities have similar effects like tourism, because it encourages community pride. These type of events also promotes knowledge about local history.

Besides, there are economic benefits to holding annual celebrations within communities. More often than not, events like Sovereign Days stimulate tourism and other businesses in town.

Which is something we highly support. If there is any way to practically promote economic prosperity, we want to seriously consider it.

Finally, another benefit from community celebrations is strengthening relationships. Community members bring connections, skills, and knowledge to grow our town.

Therefore, we believe it’s essential for everyone to interact and feel connected. For many cases, people who feel strong bonds with others want them to succeed.

That said, we look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming Sovereign Days events. It’ll be a blast!

Submit a Sovereign Days Vendor Application

Furthermore, if you would like to submit a vendor application, please fill out this form. The deadline to return it to the Hoopa Valley Tribal Receptionist is Monday, August 5th, 2019 at 5 PM.

For more information, please contact or leave a message for:

+ Executive Officer, Stormy Blake, (530) 625-4211 ext. 160 hvtstormyblake@gmail.com

+ Tribal Receptionist, Lila Carpenter, (530) 625-4211 ext. 0 hvtc.recptionist@gmail.com

Above all, if you want to check out more Hoopa Valley Tribal News, please click here!