To anyone looking for information on the current Hoopa Valley Tribal Election for 2019, here are the official candidates:

Chairman: + Ryan Jackson + Byron Nelson Jr. + Edward Guyer II + Gary Risling

Agency Field District Councilmember: + Virgil G. Doolittle + Oscar L. Billings

Bald Hill District Councilmember: + Carol Ann McCullough-Cunha + Leonard E. Masten Jr. + Darcy A. Baldy-Miller + Lovae Blake

Hostler/Matilton District Councilmember: + Leilani Pole

Soctish/Chenone District Councilmember: + Arnold “Deacon” Ferris + Joe Davis + Ben Branham Jr. + Joseph E. LeMieux + Pamela Mattz

Election Board: + Marla Jackson

Alternate Election Board: + Manuel Mattz

Lastly, the primary election is set for March 19th, 2019, and will feature political positions with more than two candidates; while the General Election is scheduled for June 18th, 2019, and will feature all political positions mentioned in this February update.