Tribal Civilian Community Corps.

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AmeriCorps*TCCC is a residential national service program for young adults, modeled after the military and the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930’s. Program participants are based at one of three AmeriCorps*TCCC campuses, from which they travel to all 50 states and U.S. territories to perform community service. Working in teams of 8-13 members, and supervised by an experienced team leader, AmeriCorps*TCCC members conduct service projects that help meet needs in education and other areas, protect the environment, promote public safety, and respond to natural disasters.

Service projects are the primary means by which AmeriCorps*TCCC accomplishes its mission “to get things done” in communities throughout the United States. Selected projects must meet the following criteria:

address compelling community needs;
have clearly stated and well-planned tasks and objectives;
have demonstrable, measurable goals;
use all team members effectively throughout the project;
provide opportunities for member growth and development;
involve the community throughout the project; and
have a plan for sustainability after AmeriCorps*TCCC members have completed their service.
Projects are normally three to six weeks in duration, but project duration varies depending on the nature of the project. Projects must be capable of effectively using at least one full team. AmeriCorps*TCCC provides its members with transportation and some basic tools. Project sponsors are required to provide materials, specialized tools, orientation, training, and technical supervision. AmeriCorps*TCCC deploys teams to projects in the most cost-effective and logistically feasible manner. When teams must be based off-campus (called “spikes”), the project sponsor works to help arrange housing, food, and other logistical matters.

Project sponsors are usually local organizations that are addressing an important need within their community, but find they have insufficient resources to solve the problem fully. Sponsors include neighborhood and community-based organizations; nonprofits; schools; city, town, county, state, and federal agencies; and Native American Tribal Councils. For organizations considering AmeriCorps*TCCC assistance in their efforts, the first step in becoming a project sponsor is to submit an AmeriCorps*TCCC Service Project Application.