Administration Department

The Hoopa Valley Administrative Department stands as high aspirations and ideals of public service for the Hoopa Valley Reservation and its citizens. Under the leadership of the Hoopa Tribal Chairman and Tribal Council,  the Hoopa Valley Administrative Department manages and coordinates the various 55+ Hoopa Tribal Departments in the best interest of the Hoopa Tribal Members.

Some of the services that the Hoopa Valley Administrative Department provides for the Hoopa Tribal members include: 1) individual Assistance for Emergencies, 2) DMV Exemption forms, 3) Tax Exemption forms, 4) Burial Assistance, 5) Contributions to some local organizations, 6) Council Meeting Action Sheets/Minutes upon request, and 7) Information for Department Services.

If you are trying to reach somebody specific in the Administrative Department, please call 530-625-4211 and dial the following extension:


+Receptionist - Ext. 0

+Administrative Officer - Jaclyn Robinson Ext. 160

+Executive Secretary - Amber Turner Ext. 393

+Recording Secretary - Kim Carpenter Ext. 161

+Campbell Field Councilmember - Everett H. Colegrove, Jr. Ext. 105

+Mesket Field Councilmember - Vivienna Orcutt Ext. 104

+Norton Field Councilmember - Byron Nelson, Jr. Ext. 394

+Soctish/Chenone Councilmember - Vacant Ext. 395

+Agency Field Councilmember - Oscar Billings Ext. 397

+Bald Hill District Councilmember - Leonard Masten Ext. 398

+Hostler/Matilton Councilmember - Leilani Pole Ext. 396

About Hoopa Valley Tribe

We, the Hoopa Valley Tribe, are a Tribal Government dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests of the Hoopa Valley Indians, and cooperating and collaborating with Federal, State, and local Governments.


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