NDN Center – NoholDinilayding-Niwho:ngxw (JOM)

Program description:

“NDN Center – NohołDiniłayding-Niwho:ngxw (JOM)

The Hoopa NDN Center, historically known as Johnson O’Malley (JOM), has provided educational and cultural services to generations of Hupa families. We have continued a long-time involvement with local schools, currently focusing primarily on Hoopa Elementary School students. Our staff provides in-school and afterschool tutoring, cultural and recreational activities, college preparation activities, as well as working with school administration in advocating and providing support to keep students in school.

  • Annual programs and activities offered by our program (and in collaboration with other Tribal programs):
  • In-school tutoring (primarily K-3rd grade students)
    Afterschool tutoring (3rd-8th grade students)
  • Afterschool Hupa Language class (4th-8th grade students)
  • Hupa Language Immersion Camp (age group varies)
  • Acorn Camp (8-13 year old youth)
  • Warrior Camp (8-13 year old youth)
    Cultural Connections (In-school programming currently offered to 7th & 8th grade female students)
  • Annual Fish Fair
  • Annual Indian Day celebrations
  • Annual Sovereign Day celebrations
  • Summer day camps (ages vary by week)

Most recently, we received a grant from First Nations Development Institute to support a year-long Xo’ji Kya’ Dress-Making Project for 12 local Native girls who are 12-16 years old and committed to making their own ceremonial dresses.

Our program provides healthy snacks and meals through a partnership with the California Department of Education, Nutrition Services Division’s Child and Adult Care Food Program.”

Contact Information:

The NDN Center/JOM staff can be contacted on our office line, (530) 625-4040, from 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) OR via e-mail at hoopandncenter.director@gmail.com at any time.