The Hoopa Valley Tribe is currently in preliminary talks with local private businesses and the International Native American nonprofit Trees, Water, and People (TWP). In detail, we are exploring whether a small solar factory business/sustainable educational center would perform well on the Hoopa Valley Reservation. Check out our survey below for some additional details.

Depending on numerous factors, this project would likely not fully materialize for years. However, if there is no support from the community, then this venture will not happen at all; which is why we are gauging on how the community feels before taking the next steps and hammering out many more additional details. Regardless, we plan to keep the community updated every step of the way if there is support for this venture idea.

Finally, the Hoopa Tribal Membership and everyone who lives on or near the Hoopa Valley Reservation are welcome to provide feedback through this survey. The final date and time that we will accept survey input will be December 17th, 2018 at 5 pm; we immensely appreciate your time, and we look forward to carefully reviewing each survey.

Link to Tribal Solar Survey:

Trees, Water, and People Website: